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We carry an array of wholesale products from memorabilia, collectibles, figures, educational,  etc. We are always on the look out for innovative products that will leave a mark on your clients.

**UPDATE: Online store Coming in 2016! Shipping worldwide (Yes! we will ship to México)

Looking for a specific brand or products that you want to carrie on you business/store? You might want to take a look at our E-Procurement Services.



  • E-Commerce: What to start your own online store? Want to sell in México and accept payments through convenience stores + credit cards? We can help set you up, you might want to check out our E-Commerce Service Solutions
  • Electronic Invoicing: Developed by “Facturas y Más” in Mexico.
  • KALPA: Palmas.net provides a tool for the detection of the personal traits of candidates to recruit and ​​a comparison of each candidate against the job profile. KALPA using international standardized tests to developed an integrated system to evaluate potential candidates. Knowing the potential candidates and the needs of  a strategic position it is possible to determining training needs and establishing a development plan for the candidate.
  • Biometric facial recognition access control: a technology developed by the Informatics Technological Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Intelligent Scanning Technology OCRFORMS: Desktop system for OCR/ICR/Barcode/Check boxes data extraction from structured documents of any kind, such as forms, bills, files, surveys, multiple-choice exams, etc. After validation, results can be exported into any commercial document management system.

  • ForePlaner: Optimized Production Planning. A new cutting edge optimization tool for sales forecasting, production planning and procurement. ForePlanner is a tool that integrates a fast and powerful statistical analysis of the sale record of each product of the company with business information and the status of the supply chain in order to provide an Optimized Production and Procurement Plan

  • RoutingMaps Fleet and Route Optimization Technologies: RoutingMaps is an advanced technology application that allows the optimization of fleets and routes. It calculates optimized routes for each and all of the vehicles in the fleet, satisfying the defined constraints (characteristics and number of vehicles, time, kilometers…) and optimizing the proposed objectives (deliveries, visits, cost minimization)



  • UMT: a Spanish based company dedicated to the design and development of machinery and motor vehicles for use in various applications. We offer different configurations of machine vehicle using the same elements in a different position. There are vehicles for different applications:
    • UV: type truck (UVL settings: as UV but with the longest box applications forage and straw).
    • UM: spade loader configuration 
    • UF: architecture skidder type 
    • EU: architecture extensible arm type lift 
    • UT: architecture type tractor
  • Waste Tire Technology: we offer a technology: Plasma gasification.
  • Biomass Gasification technology: Municipal waste treatment: eGreene modular technology.
  • “Zero Gravity” 3D Industrial Inspection: Developed by the by the Informatics Technological Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It is an inspection system that applies artificial vision techniques for quality control, an industrial solution for easy integration into the production process, it uses the acquisition of images of an object through múltipes cameras, while the piece is in freefall, achieving real-time reconstruction of the complete piece, for inspection and quality check.
  • Urban Solid waste: patented technology for treating municipal solid waste using a gasification or plasma reactor in systems starting from 10 tons / hour, with a generation of 500 kWh of electricity.
  • Hospital waste Treatment:. a technology for the treatment of hospital waste (plastic, paper, organic material), using a gasification or plasma reactor, generating electricity and hot water.



  • Mineral Commodities: sale of mineral commodities Gold, Iron Ore, Copper, Silica, Tantalum and Antimony among others. Have direct contact with large suppliers in Mexico and Latin America.
  • Barite: Petroleum Barite: Direct Contact with mine owners allow us to sell Barite (Ba SO4) FOB at the mine site or to the port of your need. Barite 200 mesh, 4.2 Specific gravity in 1.5 Tons super sacks.
  • Jack up Drilling Platform: A jack-up rig or a self-elevating unit is a type of mobile platform that consists of a buoyant hull fitted with a number of movable legs, capable of raising its hull over the surface of sea.