Gasification technology for biomass and organic waste

Greene Gasification Process has many positive attributes, among others:

• Gasification is the only energy conversion technology that simultaneously offers advantages in flexibility and power, as in the type of product.
• Flexible supply: All raw materials containing carbon ( Hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, biomass, etc.) can be gasified.
• Food low cost (even negative cost). It is the most suitable technology for many industrial applications.
• Increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact compared to combustion systems when it comes to producing low-cost electricity from solid materials
The feed can consist of carbon or other carbonaceous sources likely to be gasified as waste, biomass, etc..
• The resulting synthesis gas is cleaned and subsequently leads to the generation unit (internal combustion engine or combined cycle) to produce electricity.
• The process can be configured to produce transportable fuels and chemicals more easily and with less environmental impact.
• It can also be configured to produce hydrogen that can be used in refinery applications, or in fuel cells with high efficiency.


Features: Low Cost and portability