Optimized Production Scheduling (SeKuen)

After obtaining the forecasts and optimized production plan through ForePlanner tool, we can make a qualitative leap further to optimize production… how? selecting the best possible sequence of production through SeKuen.

SeKuen is a new tool capable of optimized the programming of the finite capacity production. In response to complex issues as:

  • How to produce?
  • What is the best sequence?
  • What machines to use?
  • What resources do I need?

SeKuen starts from a list of production orders which indicate the latest date by which the product or batch should be available, the application must provided with the data series (production capacity of each machine, each stage of production chain , machines at each stage, etc.) so that the system may understand the planned production scenario.

The production sequence obtained is the result of applying optimization of complex algorithms that seek to obtain the best possible sequence of production, in response to one or several optimization goals (reduce manufacturing time, meet delivery dates, minimizing resource consumption).

All this in a realistic environments of finite capacity, resulting in a complete Gantt chart with all the planning and timing of the tasks of each production batch job or in the shop or plant, taking into account constraints such as deadlines for finished products, limited resources (shifts, tools), precedence relationships for the production of semi-finished or auxiliaries, overlaps in production, etc.

Also  SeKuen perfectly fits contingencies such as cancellations, wedges, supply problems or any other incidents that may alter the production schedule or resources, since the tool allows resequencing of the plan under the new conditions, offering the possibility of simulations and compare the results to choose the solution that best suits our goals.

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