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Professional Service

EKA-PR staff is composed of a group of professionals with more than 25 years of experience to make sure we can deliver a professional world class service

Exclusive Sellers

We  continuously seek all over the world for the best technologies, products and services to exclusively sell them in USA, Mexico and Latin America

Fast ROI

We offer you technologies, products and services with a fast Return of Investment! We select technologies, products and services based on Quality and ROI

Innovative Technology

At EKA-PR you will find the most innovative technologies, products and services that will assure your company a position among the top industries of the kind.

Our Products

Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

We carry an array of products from memorabilia, collectibles, figures, educational,  and others. We are always on the look out…
Electronic Invoicing (FyM)

Electronic Invoicing (FyM)

We offer a friendly web service for all your invoice needs in Mexico. we can develop any Adenda needed to…

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We offer an array of e-commerce solutions to help you set up your online store in the states or in… learn more →